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BRP just announced its 2023 Sea-Doo PWC lineup, which includes the following models:

(Besides PWCs, the popular Switch pontoon boats are still part of the fleet, and the new Rise is also coming soon!)

  • 2023 Spark 60 2UP$5,999
  • 2023 Spark 90 2UP iBR: $7,699
  • 2023 Spark Trixx 2UP: $8,799
  • 2023 Spark 90 3UP: $8,899
  • 2023 Spark 90 3UP iBR: $8,899
  • 2023 Spark Trixx 3UP$9,399
  • 2023 GTI 130: $10,699
  • 2023 GTI SE 130: $11,499
  • 2023 Wake 170: $12,899
  • 2023 GTI SE 170: $13,299
  • 2023 GTR 230: $14,099
  • 2023 Fish Pro Scout 130$14,299
  • 2023 GTX 170$15,199
  • 2023 GTX 230$16,199
  • 2023 RXP-X 300: $16,799
  • 2023 Explorer Pro 170$16,799
  • 2023 Fish Pro Sport 170: $17,299
  • 2023 GTX 300$17,499
  • 2023 Wake Pro 230: $17,499
  • 2023 RXT-X 300$18,799
  • 2023 GTX Limited 300: $18,899
  • 2023 Fish Pro Trophy 170$19,599
  • 2023 RXP-X Apex 300: $20,999

If you want to find out more about the 2023 Sea-Doo Lineup, you’ve come to the right place.

We at have compiled all you need to know under one roof!

2023 Sea-Doo Lineup

There’s no question that the most exciting model in the 2023 Sea-Doo Lineup is the new Explorer Pro 170.

As the name suggests, the Sea-Doo Explorer is intended for adventurers and for professional use.

This machine is virtually a rebranded Fish Pro 170 with a black color scheme and some additions.

It’s built on the extended ST-3 platform, housing the proven Rotax 1630 ACE-170 engine, making this unit the most powerful non-supercharged power option in Sea-Doo’s offering.

Developed and manufactured by Rotax, this fuel-injected, 4-stroke, 1630cc triple delivers 170 HP at 8000 RPM.

This reliable and economical power source in combination with a more comfortable cockpit makes the Explorer Pro 170 great for long-distance rides.

Thanks to its extended LinQ system, it can carry more accessories than its fishing-intended equivalent.

Beyond the basic features, the adventure-focused additions of the Explorer Pro 170 are as follows:

  • iDF Intelligent Debris Free Pump System
  • Garmin 7′′ touchscreen GPS & fish finder
  • Heavy-duty front bumper
  • Removable touring windshield
  • Wide-angle mirrors
  • Direct-access front storage
  • VTS™ (Variable Trim System)
  • Adjustable handlebar riser
  • Gunwale footrests
  • Footwell carpets
  • LinQ® attachment system
  • LinQ® Multi Cargo Rack
  • 1 LinQ® front support
  • LinQ Explore Bag
  • Boarding ladder
  • RF D.E.S.S. Key
  • Watertight phone compartment
  • Knee pads
  • Heated grips with palm rests
  • Large swim platform
  • Cup holder
  • Tilt steering
  • Ski tow eye

The Tech Package is also available on the Explorer Pro 170 as an option, including BRP’s premium Audio System, a full-color 7.8” wide display, as well as a USB port.

For 2023, this Tech Package comes on the RXT-X 300 as standard.

Besides the Explorer Pro 170, another new ski in the 2023 Sea-Doo Lineup is the RXP-X Apex 300.

This PWC is marketed as a limited-edition model for 2023, which can be exclusively ordered via BRP’s pre-order program before the end of November 2022.

What’s unique about the RXP-X Apex 300 compared to the standard RXP-X 300? In a nutshell, the most distinctive features of the Apex are as follows:

  • Racing Green and Graphite Gray coloration
  • Carbon fiber hood
  • Carbon fiber mirrors
  • Improved seating details and footwell carpets
  • Matching handgrips
  • Premium badging
  • Blacked out logos
  • Hydraulic steering damper
  • Launch control
  • Tech package

An unusual color scheme, carbon fiber elements, and improved details results in a unique head-turning style.

For the best back support, the Apex is marketed with the Ergolock-R race-inspired seat and a passenger seat is available as an option.

Besides a muscular design, another key advantage of this limited-edition RXP-X is its upgraded handling, which involves a hydraulic steering damper and launch control.

The latter can help you to handle the extreme power of 300 ponies. Just press some buttons on the left handlebar, and the Apex will deliver perfect accelerations.

The system also controls the adjustable trim system that sets the jet nozzle into the ideal position.

Ultimately, this feature helps you accelerate instantly like a pro!

But what really distinguishes the Apex from the base RXP-X is the hydraulic steering damper. This feature is matched with a reinforced steering column, which has three setting positions.

The hydraulic damper works just like it sounds by effectively reducing the forces caused by the chop. It ensures less rider fatigue and more comfort, especially at higher speeds.

Besides the special steering system, launch control, and a unique style, the Apex comes with the same body, engine, and features as its base sibling.

It’s worth mentioning that this ski is the first PWC in Sea-Doo’s fleet whose MSRP exceeds the psychological limit of $20,000. It comes with a price tag of $20,999, which makes the Apex the most expensive Sea-Doo for the 2023 season.

Surprisingly, the Canadian manufacturer dropped the GTI 90 for the 2023 season. This entry-level recreation Sea-Doo was built on a standard GTI platform but borrowed its 899cc tripe engine from the Spark series.

This means that the GTI family has shrunk to three models, the GTI 130, GTI SE 130, and the GTI SE 170.

Another piece of good news is that the iDF debris removal system is now available on GTI models as an option.

As far as the rest of the 2023 Sea-Doo lineup goes, we aren’t noticing too many changes except for some “bold new graphics” and higher prices.

This means that the Spark, Spark Trixx, GTX, Wake, and the Fish Pro families, as well as the RXT-X 300 and the GTR 230 return without any noticeable upgrades.

2023 Sea-Doo Model List

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the Sea-Doo’s 2023 models into one list:

ModelMSRP ($)
2023 Spark 60 2UP$5,999
2023 Spark 90 2UP iBR$7,699
2023 Spark Trixx 2UP$8,799
2023 Spark 90 3UP$8,899
2023 Spark 90 3UP iBR$8,899
2023 Spark Trixx 3UP$9,399
2023 GTI 130$10,699
2023 GTI SE 130$11,499
2023 Wake 170$12,899
2023 GTI SE 170$13,299
2023 GTR 230$14,099
2023 Fish Pro Scout 130$14,299
2023 GTX 170$15,199
2023 GTX 230$16,199
2023 RXP-X 300$16,799
2023 Explorer Pro 170$16,799
2023 Fish Pro Sport 170$17,299
2023 GTX 300$17,499
2023 Wake Pro 230$17,499
2023 RXT-X 300$18,799
2023 GTX Limited 300$18,899
2023 Fish Pro Trophy 170$19,599
2023 RXP-X APEX 300$20,999

These charts are for informational purposes only! For exact specifications, please refer to the factory manual.


The 2023 Sea-Doo lineup is far less exciting than last year’s when the Canadian manufacturer revealed the exciting Switch pontoon boats and the extended Fish Pro family.

Instead of a plethora of new models and features, the 2023 Sea-Doo fleet returns with only two “new” models and some minor changes, including:

  • New model #1: 2023 Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170 (a rebranded and upgraded Fish Pro Sport 170)
  • New model #2: 2023 RXP-X Apex 300 (a regular RXP-X 300 with some tweaks)
  • Discontinued model: GTI 90
  • New features: windshield, heavy-duty front bumper, front LinQ support, multi-LinQ plate, heated grips, etc. (available on the Explorer Pro 170)
  • iDF is available on more models (like the GTI family)
  • Tech Package comes as standard on the RXT-X 300
  • Some new color schemes
  • Slightly higher prices

Although we expected more from the new lineup, these days customers are happy to even receive the PWC they ordered at all.

Supply chains face many issues nowadays, causing massive delays and shortages of PWCs  across every major manufacturer.

Sea-Doo’s primary objective is to fulfill every pending order for the next model year within a reasonable time frame.

We are sure that they will do everything they can to make it happen!